Appropriate Abbreviation

Talking about kind of a classification or unsupervised clustering system on what the things can cluster if you printed in black and white it really sucks we failed to use good colors that you could see in a black white printer like an white print out or heading this red and green anyway red and green is a bad design decisions because a lot of especially the male popular part of the male population is red Bois a red-green blind so they cannot distinguish red and green very well so depending on where you are. Learn more about abbreviations in essay at Edusson.

So you can see that was actually done by a red blind person because even here the Legion has the wrong color but that’s a different story if you printed in black and white you cannot distinguish them don’t do that fonts you had these nice pig ears figures would show you some confusing matrices were some other distributions the font are so small that you simply can’t read them we have to if you can’t read in a printer you have to zoom into 800 percent in your acrobat video or whatever scheme or tool that uses or to read these small numbers here that should not happen again that’s from my paper so I’m very happy to be able to blame that that’s not nice you should we should not do that everyone makes mistakes it’s a long process to learn that but the main thing make your papers look nice how does that equations or text so if you write something like this is a mathematical mode this typically means e times F times F times I times C times.

If you’re going to say this is text you have to tell your equation system that it may look like this so you can see for example that here the FS are properly typeset give even the ligatures in here that these letters are together here this is not the case if you use this in equations for example as an index like NF is an abbreviation for whatever number of effective particles write it in this way because there’s an appropriation it’s not a times F times F or individual indices again these are kind of small details but you can see if people took care of that or for example it’s very hard to see that on the slides but there’s a difference between hard spaces and regular spaces if something is a name like Professor Robert Anthony of this dot in here all text processes typically tend to break here so you put a non-breaking space in here which is which doesn’t break it to video they’re a little bit smaller than regular spaces so you can’t see that here on the slide but you typically see in a printout so eyes are very well trained to that if you read a lot you see those things and type things suck screenshots so you have all this is great.