Choosing A Topic For Paper

I’m going to tell you a little bit more about the at the end here but build in time to use that resource so once you’ve made a plan the next thing that you want to do is choose a topic and by the way I’m going to assert an order here but you don’t necessarily need to follow the order of the steps that I’m preventing today some people like to write an outline before they write a thesis statement it’s better so this is not a hard and fast process choosing a topic the first important thing here I’m going to repeat this several times during this presentation because it’s so important you want to make sure that you follow the assignment instructions I actually got in trouble in my junior year of college because I had written a paper that I thought was really good and I think it was a pretty good paper but I didn’t follow the assignment guidelines about the topic. Many examples of articles and essays on different topics at Edusson.

I was writing about something the professor I told us not to write about and she actually ended up calling me into her office and saying I’m going to give you a D on this paper unless you revise it and I was all horrified everything she did graciously let me revise it and I ended up getting into young or answer a B on the paper but it’s important no matter how good your paper is to follow those assignment instructions sometimes your professors will give you a lot of guidance about a topic sometimes they’ll give you a lot of freedom so another thing to think about is start with what interests you and then do a little bit of preliminary research on the research stage and we’ll talk about this later on there’s a your you’re looking for sources to incorporate in your paper yes but even before that you want to look for sources that are going to help you to understand the topic a little bit better and so do a little bit of preliminary research here are some places where you can get topic ideas.

If your professor has not given you a topic your course reading there might be something in a textbook that you find that the professor does not really hit on very much and so you want to learn more about that topic your lectures your videos that you watch in your class on classmates comments I actually got my master’s thesis topic from a comment it was kind of just a throwaway comment that a student had made when she was making a presentation in one of my classes and I thought you know I bet that that’s that particular thing in that book is a lot more important than she actually thinks it is so that’s that’s what gave me the idea from master’s thesis could be things to interest you outside of class it could be a movie that you watched it could be something that you read for fun on your own it could be something in your ministry or your job.