Get Feedback If You Can

If you get feedback look to the most critical statements even if you say all this person has understood at all what I wanted to say this person is completely dumped here know as no idea what he has done maybe you’re right to some degree but typically it means you communicated badly that means you failed to clearly describe what you have done and what the advancements of that are sometimes you get very concrete statement like in equation 18 there’s a mistake okay you can fix that unless it’s kind of a bad mistake which go through all your implementation that may be harder but the important thing is take into account the reviewers comments there’s you may not agree with all of them it’s normally the case you spend a lot of time in your work and you think what you did is was good and especially if you work for a year on the work and the work gets rejected that’s pretty frustrating. Discover other articles about reviewing feedback onĀ Edusson.

But that’s part of the game and typically there’s something to improve there may be also reviewers which are completely useless but that’s actually not too often the case luckily anymore there’s a nice video which I can’t show here for copyright reasons but I encourage you to have a look to that it’s a kind of funny video making fun of the movie theater gang with subtitles on the reviewing process actually kind of fun others versus you may look into kind of rules for paper writing or further reading there’s also books like The Elements of Style for general writing that’s something where every person who rides can actually benefit from and if you want to read more read those have a look to these resources again some funny things making jokes about how people write papers and things to a white things you should become pretty clear what’s what the joke in there and what’s not.

So in the end we write papers to document what we have done in to advance the state of the art this holds for technical reports this holds for papers with holds for theses it’s kind of your own contribution to the field to document your work and allow others to get the same success that’s a process which is ongoing so we never stop perfectly it’s a learning curve and learning that is a painful process because failing really sucks well invest a lot of time that I’m aware of that but these guidelines or at least my trial to give you better tools at hand to write good papers talk to other people get feedback from others before you submit also one of the things I’ve strongly strongly suggest because other people typically have a different view and can clearly say yes I can rap I think I can replicate your results or I have no idea what you’re talking about this gives you a pretty good indicator that you may have to change something.