Illustrating Your Research Paper

It’s great whatever image figure in one of the paper so just make a three children enter that if you do that do that with a high resolution you don’t want to have those pictures in here which really really look like two minutes before the deadlines are some screenshots dumped in there in the paper not even considered to may be retype that or redo that that’s important okay so that’s it about the Verrill Commons just to give you an idea how to vary the process works how scientific documents are actually generated and evaluated so typically you write the paper and submit it so like writing your report and submitting is this is just the first line of the process of publishing something so if you’re in a conference the paper will they send out for review there’s also what happens here so son is correcting your submissions. Find out more about illustrating your research at Edusson.

Or I may have a look to that as well and this review actually reports back to you so you get an evaluation so you get comments on your word what was good what was bad and how to improve your work you get that also if you submit your paper to a scientific conference sometimes you have something we should call a rebuttal this is your chance to give feedback to that you say this reviewer have learned hasn’t understand at all what I was trying to say so you have the chance sometimes for some events to answer to those and then the reviewers may also comment on that again and then some point in time someone which is to be the program chair if it’s a conference or it’s the editor if it’s a journal makes a decision based on the reviews potentially on your feedback and says yes or no accept it or reject it and that’s it the reviews and the decisions send out to the authors it’s actually quite similar to what happens here sometimes you have a conduced what’s called the conditional accept that means please revise your work or revise and resubmit and then maybe we get it in one chance more.

If the paper is a negative decision it’s out you have to try again from scratch and a different event typically the paper is accepted you to be gave a chance to revise your document submit a final version and then Cayman gets published so that the process which is general the general process for scientific publishing and actually how it fits also very well to the reports here generated so we don’t have multiple reviewers at the moment but that also may be something to investigate a next room that everyone has to review the submission of the other students and give valuable feedback it’s also something we may try out if you’re interested in that to evaluate your peers and of course bass as well or an initial stage among each other and then we do that these are all things we may try out.