Make a Deadline

Most the papers I would say that you write in college are going to fall into this category that we’re going to talk about today I also do want to clarify the word planning we’re actually going to go a little bit further than that today and we’re going to talk about how to incorporate sources into your paper and so we’re going to really almost take it all the way through the drafting step on the only thing we’re not going to talk about today is revising and editing your papers so maybe you’re interested we could do another workshop on that down the road so let’s begin here’s my outline for what we’re going to cover today we are going to look at the big picture and actually the planning of the planning and then we’re going to look at topic selection. Read more on deadlines and setting your goals at Edusson.

We’re going to talk about how to write a good thesis statement we’re going to talk about outlining and we’re going to talk about how to choose and evaluate sources and finally a little bit about how to integrate those sources into your paper so let’s begin with the first step a lot of people skip this planning step because it does not seem like real work to them but this step is really crucial especially the longer the assignments you’re writing so the big end of semester research papers I strongly recommend that you take some time to plan so the first thing you want to do is read those instructions is your professor has given you in the syllabus read them at the beginning of the semester so that you know what you’re getting into and read them carefully so that you understand and if you have questions ask your professor professors don’t mind when you ask questions about things that are not clear to you in the syllabus as long as you’ve done that prior research they’re happy to answer those questions for you.

And then I strongly recommend that you create your own deadlines if the professor hasn’t already given you deadlines and some of them do on some of your professors actually you know really recognize that writing is a process and they might say okay you get ten points for having a fusee statement and then you leave later you get 50 points for a rough draft something like that but sometimes in an eight-week course is hard to incorporate those kinds of things so I would recommend that you create your own deadlines when are you going to have your outline done when are you gonna have your notes taken when you gonna have your first page written because that’s crucial and then I would recommend to write a first draft and then write other drafts later and build in time to receive feedback from the online   I know a lot of people like the idea of the online   but they don’t finish their work in time to actually take advantage of that service.